Sunday, June 9, 2013

Just catching up!

Mr. Earl Gray

Greetings ALL! Hope everyone has been doing well! I have been extremely busy as of these past few weeks and am only now trying to catch up with both my blogs.

On the home front, I just had my kitty, Kiki, to the vet this past week as she was not eating her dry food very well and had some rather loose stools with some light red blood and mucus in them. The vet drew some blood and gave her a good check over. It appears that she has some pretty bad gingivitis, which would explain her really bad breath. So I scheduled a teeth cleaning for her for this Wednesday.

Ever since we brought our last cat, Mr. Earl Gray, in the house, she has not been herself. She hides out a lot more in the bedroom than usual and she has been acting very "needy" around us which is very unlike her. Even though Mr. Gray is extremely docile and has not once ever bothered her, she is still on the insecure side. The vet said that the potty issues are most likely related to the "new addition" which is upsetting her and so she gave us some meds to help take care of this issue.

Tabitha, Midnight and Kiki chilling out on the couch together

As for Mr. Gray, well he is gradually getting adjusted to indoor life and is slowly beginning to trust us. He still keeps pretty much to himself in relation to the other kitties, but he loves when we give him attention and is still doing well.