Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ostara Blessings and an Update!

Our new family member seems to be adjusting fairly well to the rest of our fur baby clan. Of course as usual, Haley is making things extremely difficult as she had been getting much more aggressive towards all of the other cats since we brought Leo into the living room, cage in toe. We have, unfortunately had to place her in the catio (our enclosed porch) for the weekend. She is currently now in the cage instead of Leo because we do not wish to throw him into the "lion's den" so to speak around her quite yet.  It has been a three-ring circus to say the least.

One thing we have noticed which is interestingly funny is that every breakfast and dinner time, the girls eat in the kitchen and the guys are eating in the dining room (aka our living room as we have no actual dining room). LOL!

Moving on, yesterday my sister Aurora Skye and I celebrated Ostara as Friday (the first day of spring) turned out to be yet another snow day leaving us 6 inches in our area. Hopefully, it was the last of this relentless winter weather!

Unlike Friday, we had a gorgeous day here in Reading, Pennsylvania! A wonderful day for our ritual indeed!

After which, we spent the remainder of the day of beautiful weather as provided by the Lord and Lady doing a bit of sister shopping!


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Coming Along ...

Happy Sunday to all! It's been a little over a week since Leo's surgery and he seems to be doing well. His paws are looking good so far and his aggressive behavior appears to be gradually going away as we try to build trust with him again. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and patience with some cats and he is slowly coming along at his own pace.

We have been using "Yesterday's News" paper cat litter and we will have to keep using it for atleast another week yet. Of course, Kiki always has to be in the middle of everything that goes on in the house and she immediately had to check out the bag!

Naturally, we are looking forward to being able to let him walk around freely in his new indoor world.  We are hoping all goes well and that he will be happy in his new life as a house kitty!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Some new items for Spring

Greetings everyone! With this year's winter that just simply seems to be lasting forever, I very much needed a pick me up. So, I decided to begin decorating my home for Ostara a little early. Last Saturday, my sister Robin and I went shopping for some new spring decorations. One of the places we went to was the local Yankee Candle store ...

 Bunny Candle Lid

Spring Tart Burner

Bunny Taper Candle holder

Girl Scout Thin Mint scented candle

And, of course, we simply can't go shopping without making a stop at the Barnes & Noble book store. I could resist buying these two books ...

"Celtic Lore & Spellcraft of the Dark Goddess" by Stephanie Woodfield

"The Secret Language of Cats" by Heather Dunphy

Here are a couple of decorations which I put out so far ...

So keep warm everyone and THINK SPRING!!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The waiting game ...

Well, we are still waiting it out with our newest feline fur baby, Leo. As you know, he is being kept away from our other four kitties as per our vet. Since we don't know what attacked and bit him so badly and whether or not it had rabies, all we could do was get his rabies shot in any case and continue to wait it out for six whole months. 

He has been showing signs of aggression, but my hubby seems to think it has more to do with his being cooped up in the cage most of the time than the likelihood that he actually has the rabies virus. I sure hope he is right. At any rate, he is still a pretty sweet little boy and we just want to get him straightened out as soon as possible. We have; however, decided to move him, cage in tow, upstairs in our living room so that he can feel somewhat a part of the family and he will not feel so alone all of the time.


As for our other cats, they are naturally curious, but the only one who has shown any type of disapproval so far has been our territorial calico cat, Haley. No worries, she doesn't really like any of our other cats either, but for some strange reason she loves people a lot. Go figure.