Sunday, March 22, 2015

Ostara Blessings and an Update!

Our new family member seems to be adjusting fairly well to the rest of our fur baby clan. Of course as usual, Haley is making things extremely difficult as she had been getting much more aggressive towards all of the other cats since we brought Leo into the living room, cage in toe. We have, unfortunately had to place her in the catio (our enclosed porch) for the weekend. She is currently now in the cage instead of Leo because we do not wish to throw him into the "lion's den" so to speak around her quite yet.  It has been a three-ring circus to say the least.

One thing we have noticed which is interestingly funny is that every breakfast and dinner time, the girls eat in the kitchen and the guys are eating in the dining room (aka our living room as we have no actual dining room). LOL!

Moving on, yesterday my sister Aurora Skye and I celebrated Ostara as Friday (the first day of spring) turned out to be yet another snow day leaving us 6 inches in our area. Hopefully, it was the last of this relentless winter weather!

Unlike Friday, we had a gorgeous day here in Reading, Pennsylvania! A wonderful day for our ritual indeed!

After which, we spent the remainder of the day of beautiful weather as provided by the Lord and Lady doing a bit of sister shopping!



  1. Leo is so sweet and it is to bad that Hayley is having a personality change. Hopefully she will have a change of attitude after a bit of grounding :)
    You fur babies have a wonderful home, dear Kim.
    Sister time is always so precious...I am happy that you and Aurora Skye had a nice celebration together.
    Hope your snow melts soon so that spring can truly arrive.
    Love your photos, lovely~

    Hugs and Love

  2. I hope everything starts to go better with the cats ;o)
    Your Ostara celebration was truly beautiful ;o)
    Blessings my sister ;o)