Friday, February 21, 2014

Can't say enough ...

Greetings everyone! Lots of new things have been happening here over the past couple of months from my father's hospital stay on New Year's Eve to his rehab and recovery, to the unrelenting Winter weather conditions we have had to endure since before Yule of last year. But, one piece of good news which I feel that I simply must convey to you all is Midnight's Laser Therapy progress. After his first inital six mandatory sessions, he now only has to receive his therapy once a month. Last night, when we took him for his therapy session, his awesome Veterinary Technician and Professional Therapist, Danielle,  who has been video documenting her patient's Laser Therapy progress from session to session, proudly showed us the videos she has been working on and I was utterly astounded at what I saw! Dogs and cats with major hip and other types of surgeries and even animals who were paralyzed, could not only walk again within one or two sessions but were running around pain-free and shaking their butts around the room! It is simply amazing what this procedure has done for our cat, Midnight and such a wonderful alternative to conventional medications. 

Danielle, from "Eagle's Peek Animal Clinic" performing Laser Therapy practices on her, "star patient," our  kitty Midnight.

It much reminds me of reiki in many ways, but seems to have much longer lasting effects. I still reiki him from time to time, but the problem is that he is not very comfortable with the fact that "he actually feels too comfortable" so Laser Therapy is just so perfect for him. 

In addition to his monthly therapy sessions, we also purchased a wonderful handmade carpeted ramp off Etsy for his off-days when he needs a little help getting up and down on the soda ...

What can I say, seeing is believing and the proof is in the video! Great job, Danielle!!