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Not exactly a 'Wordless Wednesday' but ...

Escaped 'cheetah' found in Reading is a different kind of cat (VIDEO)

(Written by Steven Henshaw)
It was not your average cat that was housed at the Animal Rescue League of Berks County the last five days after being plucked off the streets of Reading.

Tall and lean with black spots on her short, smooth fur, the nameless cat resembles a small cheetah.The kitty was described as "a majestic animal" by an official at the shelter in Cumru Township.Friday night, animal control officers were called by city police after dispatchers received a report of a cheetah running loose in the city, said Tom Hubric, ARL interim executive director. The ARL is the city's animal control agency.ARL personnel took her in and confirmed the 1- to 2-year-old feline was indeed an exotic animal: an African serval. "We've been working closely with state Game Commission," Hubric said. "This is a wild animal. This isn't something you can legally own unless you have a special license."

That's the reason officials didn't go public to seek its owner, and why, officials believe, no one has come looking for the cat."This animal's probably worth $20,000 to $30,000 on the black market," Hubric said.

Reading Eagle: Tim Leedy | An African serval rescued from the streets of Reading plays with a toy at the Animal League of Berks County.
Though the declawed cat isn't microchipped, it's clear it was someone's pet.

"She obviously was raised in a home as a kitten," Hubric said. "She appears to have been very well-cared for."Who would have such an expensive pet? Hubric has his suspicions."If you take a female serval, which is what she is, and you mate her with a domestic cat, that is then called a Savannah cat," he explained. "A Savannah cat is a legal cat you can own. You don't need a license. And those kittens are worth 10 grand a pop."ARL staff has bathed the big, playful cat with attention and affection.But all good things must end.This morning, the cat was handed over to a Game Commission wildlife conservation officer, who took the exotic animal to a large cat rescue organization.There, Hubric said, the serval, which can weigh about 30 pounds as an adult, will spend the rest of its life."She will be a cat that will be used for education and community outreach to promote why people shouldn't have exotic cats," Hubric said. "She'll spend the rest of her life in a healthy environment because this cat doesn't belong in your home."This cat requires extensive exercise. This animal needs a special diet. It's not something the average person is going to be able to take care of. But she's just a magnificent animal and she's captivated everyone who has seen her, and we've just been honored to have the time we've had with her."

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Blessed Samhain and a Happy Halloween!

Upon a dark and windy hill,
On Samhains’ eldritch night
I saw the Crone with withered hands
By balefires burning light
Her eyes were full of wisdom,
The threads of life She span
And sang, “Blessed Be and Blessed Be
And Blessed Be again!”
~ Joe Bethancourt

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For Midnight ...

Midnight lying beneath his favorite tree ~ Samhain 2015

Last night, I decided to put up our yearly Samhain/Halloween tree and as you can see the cats are enjoying it already ...


Lady Tabitha



New additions to this year's tree ...

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Aspergillosis in Cats

Aspergillosis is a fungal infection in cats. Aspergillosis is an opportunistic fungal infection caused by the Aspergillus, a species of common mold found throughout the environment, including dust, straw, grass clippings, and hay. An opportunistic infection occurs when an organism which does not generally cause disease becomes an infectious agent once it has entered into an animals body. In the case of Aspergillosis, it becomes an infectious agent when the body's immune system is weakened from some other disease or illness.

There are two types of acquired Aspergillus infection: nasal and disseminated. Both types can affect cats, and while no particular breed is more prone than another, Persians show a slightly higher incidence.

Symptoms and Types

There are two types of Aspergillus infections. The first is the nasal form, where the infection is localized in the nasal passages and front sinuses. It is believed that this develops from direct nasal contact with the fungus. For example, if a cat is outside and around dust and grass clippings, the fungus may enter via the moist lining of the nose. The most commonly associated symptoms are nasal discharge and noisy breathing during inhaling.

The second type of Aspergillus infection is disseminated, meaning it is more widespread in the body, not only in the nasal area. It is not certain how this form enters the body. Disseminated aspergillosis is most commonly associated with nonspecific signs, such as lethargy, depression, vomiting, and diarrhea. Other symptoms may include protruding eyeballs.

Our Kiki was diagnosed with this disease by two different vets last year. They ran the necessary blood tests and performed a sinus endoscopy so they could get a biopsy sample to be sure and they also cleaned her sinus passages out as well. 

While there is no cure for this type of infection, the only thing we can give her is some meds on a daily basis to help make her comfortable. She has been eating good and as long as she is doing so and showing no other problematic symptoms, we will help her to fight this issue.

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A 'Throwback Thursday' poem: The Calico Cat

The Calico Cat
She sleeps in the sunlight,
Her warm coat shines soft;
Purring ever so loudly
Underneath her catio loft

“You’re home! You’re home!”
She excitedly spouts;
As I walk through the door
“Let me in!” she shouts

Now sitting on my chair
All curled up on my lap;
Is that calico cat
And for hours she sat

~ Lady Caer Morganna

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Wordless Wednesday ...

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Cat Chakra art by Cyra R. Cancel

Greetings everyone! Just wanted to share some more beautiful cat art from the very talented Cyra R. Cancel. These are her gorgeous black cats with the seven chakras. Enjoy!!

Crown Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

Throat Chakra

Heart Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Root Chakra