Sunday, November 23, 2014

Our Yule Cat Household!

Greetings everyone! Now that fall will soon be coming to an end this year, the cats and I thought that it was time to begin decorating "their" home for Yule.

Of course, Tabitha couldn't wait to claim the Yule tree and immediately decided to make herself comfortable underneath it ... even before I was finished putting up all of the lights ...

As usual, every year we adorn our Yule tree with nothing but personal items and meaningful ornaments such as all of our past and present fur babies' names engraved on their own individual ornament, family decorations handed down from generation to generation, and special gifts from friends and family ~ some are beautifully handmade. 

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Saturday, November 8, 2014

That Kiki Cat

Greetings all! Just a little update on Kiki-girl. Long story short, we brought her home on Wednesday night after her lump removal surgery. While attempting to put her reverse e-collar on her, she managed to get her right leg underneath the collar and in doing so, cut part of her dessolvable stitches. After we were able to stop the bleeding, we had to take her back to our vet the next morning. Dr. Ostrich checked the stitches at her neck and since her wound had already begun to scab over, he advised us to forego the e-collar idea as she was not scratching at it and it would most likely only serve to make things worse. Also, she gave us such as hard time giving her the pain meds (both pill and liquid), he told us that so long as she had not appeared to be in any pain, not to worry about it since it was only stressing her out unecessarily.

She spent a couple of nights in the large dog cage so that she would have some time to allow her stitches to heal and she is now out and about the house with the rest of her siblings.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

Kiki's Surgery ...

Two weeks ago, we noticed a little lump on our Kiki-girl's neck, directly under her left ear and her left eye was watering very badly. So, we took her to our vet immediately and Dr. Heather suggested that the watery eye problem could possibly be allergies and prescribed some meds for her. And, since a few weeks ago our cat Haley had a respiratory infection which caused us to have to, one by one, take the other cats to the vet for an antibiolic shot, Dr. Heather also gave one to Kiki as well. She told us to keep a close eye on her lump and if it gets any bigger to bring her back right away.

That very night, Kiki's eye cleared up nicely, but a week later began watering again, and, we had noticed that her "little" lump had gotten bigger. And so, once again, we took her back to our vet and Dr. Heather shaved the fur under ear in order to examine her more closely. She did a series of tests which included blood work and urine, as well as a biopsy of her lump. She found nothing wrong, but since lumps are not a normal problem, particularly where cats are concerned, she suggested we get it removed as soon as possible ~ we strongly agreed with her!!!

So, we are scheduled to drop her off at the vets tomorrow night and her surgery for the removal of the lump will be done by Dr. Heather on Wednesday.  I know for a fact, that Dr. Heather was right and that these things can very easily turn cancerous. I also know for a fact that cats and cancer treatment do not mix! As far as we are concerned, better safe than sorry!

Saturday, November 1, 2014