Sunday, November 23, 2014

Our Yule Cat Household!

Greetings everyone! Now that fall will soon be coming to an end this year, the cats and I thought that it was time to begin decorating "their" home for Yule.

Of course, Tabitha couldn't wait to claim the Yule tree and immediately decided to make herself comfortable underneath it ... even before I was finished putting up all of the lights ...

As usual, every year we adorn our Yule tree with nothing but personal items and meaningful ornaments such as all of our past and present fur babies' names engraved on their own individual ornament, family decorations handed down from generation to generation, and special gifts from friends and family ~ some are beautifully handmade. 

>^^<   >^^<    >^^<    >^^<    >^^<    >^^<    >^^<      


  1. Kim, you have made my day with this post. Cheerful and beautiful...i could not ask for more...thank you, dearest friend~

  2. I love this post Kim ;o) You've made me so happy ;o) Big Hugs ;o)