Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tree Dweller or Bush Dweller?


The other day I was watching a show on the Animal Planet channel called, "My Cat From Hell." In this particular episode, the host talks about two different types of cats ~ Tree Dwellers and Bush Dwellers. Now, the "Tree Dwellers" are the confident cats who like to sit or lie down on the tallest, most highest shelf or piece of furniture in the house so that they, in essence,  can survey their territory and watch the goings-on in their enviornment. These are also the kitties who love to lay down on the rug in the middle of the living room while you have company, sometimes even demanding attention from either you or your guests. The "Bush Dwellers," on the other hand, are the ones who like to hide under your sofa or bed when people come to visit you in order to feel "safe" in their home.


I would have to definately say that I have one Bush Dweller, Midnight, and two Tree Dwellers, Kiki and Haley. Haley just loves to run from person to person while she meows rather loudly at you and Kiki insists on hogging on the sofa as if to make sure that "her" seat does not get taken! She is such a little character as she actually waits until I get up off of the sofa then literally races to steal my spot!

So, given a choice between the two kinds of cats, "witch" one is your kitty? ;)


  1. Greebo is definitely a tree dweller - when we have breakfast, he will sometimes sit on my sewing machine on the countertop, which is the highest spot he can reach safely, and watch us eat. The kitty - she is very confident and demanding when we are home, but as soon as something unexpected happens... guess she's a mix-up. ^^

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