Saturday, October 22, 2011

Copy Cat

Kiki is the youngest of our three cats and the only one we had taken in as a small kitten. We got her from a friend of mine when she was approximately four months old. Jinx, her mama cat, had given birth to her and four others in the house ~ all of them tuxedo cats!

Kiki as a kitten playing with Midnight

Tuxedo cats tend to be mostly black with some patches of white on them, usually white boots on their paws or spots of white on their bellies somewhere. Kiki is all black save for some white on her chest and a huge heart-shaped white patch on her lower stomach.

We have nick-named her "Copy Cat" because she keeps adopting Midnight's cute, although if not sometimes odd, habits. For example, if she sees Midnight trying to "burry" on our floors after we had just given him a cat treat or something (it looks as if he were trying to cover his "do-da's" in his litterbox) she will immediately run over and join him. It looks hysterical since dogs are usually infamous for doing that, not cats. Also, she will often jump up on the sofa or bed and position herself close to him, lying the exact same way he does. They look like two little shrimp cats!

Lately, she has decided that she, too, wants to lay on top of my bedroom pillow and  she will actually fight Midnight for it!

Looks like Kiki won that one ~LOL!

Oh yes and just one more thing, she loves to give what we affectionately call "Kiki kisses." In fact, for some strange reason we can't get her to stop licking things like blankets and rugs as well? I had read in one of my cats books that when cats do this, it is most likely because they were taken from their mama cat too soon. I truly believe this to certainly be so in Kiki's case.

Cats, gotta love 'em, right?


  1. I love the pics of Kiki the two bottom ones are so funny!

  2. It was cool to see that you KiKi has the same heart shape white spot as our all black cat Loki (and in the same location). You have beautiful cats.