Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Cats & Friends: Halloween Costumes ...

Oh, how we "pet parents" just love to sometimes dress our furry children up in cutesy little costumes for Halloween, eh? If your pets are anything like mine, they are none too crazy about the idea, but good sports none-the -less! LOL!

The following are pics from last year's Halloween (2010) of my cats and three silly, but very sweet, dogs who belong to a very dear friend of mine.  The Basset Hound, Sadie, is my God-doggie and I simply adore her! I hope you all enjoy ...

"Midnight" as a Wizard

"Sadie" the Basset Hound as a Turtle

"Kiki "as The Little Devil

"Acee" the Black Lab as a Jack-o-Lantern

"Haley" as a "Biker Cat"

"Pumpkin" the Beagle as a Bumble Bee

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  1. THANK YOU. Midnight's eyes match the stars in his hat.
    What a good mommy! Haley looks REAL HAPPY!...and there is
    Devil girl.....

    Hope Miss Haley has a happy B-Day!!!!!

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