Monday, October 17, 2011

Midnight's Story ...

Let's see, where do I begin? Well, upon one winter's morning, approximately two years ago, my husband received a phone call from his boss that the Have-A-Heart trap that he set at work the night before in an attempt to rescue a beautiful ebony cat who had been up until that time living out of the neigborhood trash cans to survive, had a cat in it who was waiting to be picked up and brought home.

When my hubby walked though our door, I saw this poor, terrified little kitty cat who was too scared to even move, looking at me as if to say, "Help me please ~ you gotta let me out of here and please don't hurt me, pleeease!" We had an enclosed porch in which we temporarily kept him in so that he could not only have privacy, but would also feel safe while allowing him to gradually get used to his new surroundings. Not to mention the fact that since we already had two inside cats we needed to keep him separated from them until we could get him to his vet appointment for a Fel-Luk test, blood work, shots, etc.

After all that, we finally brought him inside with the rest of us to get acquainted with our other two cats. None, and I mean NONE of our cats are allowed outside ever! The risks are far too great and I am far too protective of a 'Cat Mom" to allow anything or anyone to hurt my fur babies.

He adjusted beautifully! It was as if he had been living with us all along. The other two are females and he simply adores them! We think he is a British Shorthair or at the very least a Brit mix. His physical characteristics and his disposition match purrfectly. Even though cats are for the most part independent, every breed has their own set of idiosyncrasies or habits that are uniquely theirs. British Shorthairs are known for being very loyal and quite affectionate (especially the males) and they will follow you from room to room until they or you sit down and relax somewhere. They also have rather short legs and stand low to the ground which makes them very uncomfortable being picked up or held. They are not known for being very talkative either, in fact, it is rare that you will hear them "speak" at all. ALL of these things are true of our cat Midnight.

Midnight loves to sit near me while I am on the computer

He also gets along wonferfully with our dwarf bunny, Sam, and will often keep him company by lying aside of his cage for a half hour or so at a time. Getting along well with other family pets is also a part of the Brit's personality. Also, they much prefer the company of adults to children as they are pretty laid back and enjoy the peace and quiet in their enviornment, often hiding whenever you have company visiting the house. They usually only bond with those whom "they" consider family.

One of the things I love the most about Midnight is his nightly routine of jumping on my, I mean "his." pillow and plopping himself right on my head while purring me to sleep. Of all the wonderful cats who have blessed our home over the years, he is undoubtedly the sweetest and most loving so far we have ever had. We just love him to death!!


  1. This is so special Kim!!! I have to go comment on your other blog post now! I am so glad you put this link up ;o) Thanks for sharing the story of Midnight ;o)