Sunday, October 16, 2011

Merry Meet & Welcome!

My name is Lady Caer Morganna and I would like to welcome you all to, "Witch Cats Blog." This blog is a heart-felt dedication to cats everywhere and their loving, faithful owners, um, I mean companions!

It is co-written along with my long-time friend and fellow cat lover, Page. Please allow me to tell you a little more about us. I am a Solitary Wiccan Priestess and ordained Pagan clergy for the Universal Life Church. I am also a certified Reiki Level II Practitioner and I enjoy reading tarot in my spare time and spending time with my family, friends and beloved cats! My husband and  I share our lives with our four fur babies ~ three adoreable (albeit spoiled to death) felines and a rescued dwarf bunny.

First, there is "My" British Shorthair named Midnight ...

Kiki, who very much favors my hubby's company ...

Haley (short for Halloween) who is a sweet but crazy Calico cat ...

and last but not least, Sam whom we took in 2 years ago after someone had dropped him off in our back yard ...

Page, a college student who also happens to be a Wiccan, has a cute orange and white male tabby cat named, "Winnie." Whinney shares his home with a rather elderly cat named "Cuddles" and a large terrier dog named "Fuzzums." But, I will let Page tell you more about that himself in a future post in his own words!


We hope that you enjoy our new blog just for you! We encourage everyone to feel free to share their stories as well and we look forward to meeting all of you who cherish their kitties as we do!


  1. Cut cats! And the bunny, of course. ^^

    I think all calico cats are crazy. Ours definitely is.

  2. Diandra ~ Thanks! Yeah, you know what they say about Calico cats, they are like chocolate: sweet on the outside and nutty on the inside! LOL!