Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

What's wrong with people, anyway?

You know, the ignorance of some people just never ceases to amaze me... really. A couple of months ago, a woman with whom I work with asked me if I could take her daughter's female rabbit because she could no longer afford her apartment and where she was moving to did not allow animals. I told her that if either she or her daughter would pay to get the rabbit spayed that I would take her in. Never heard back from her or her "piece of work" daughter afterwards.

Today, that same co-worker sends me an instant message asking me if I knew of anyone who would be interested in giving two cats a home. She further said that she was afraid that her husband would just take the cats and drop them off some place. I asked her if she had found the cats outside. Low and behold, of course, she replies, "No, they were my daughter's and she has to move and is not taking the cats with her." My retort: "What is it with your daughter and pets anyway? Didn't anyone ever teach her a little responsibility or anything?" She then responded, "I was thinking of taking them to the Animal Rescue League. Do you think that they will charge me for that?" GRRRRR! The freakin' audacity of some people! It is people such as this that really get my blood pressure up . I swear, some people just should NEVER EVER be allowed to have kids. Sorry, just tellin' it like I see it!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Getting ready for Beltane

Greetings all! With the up-coming sabbat of Beltane this week, I have been fairly busy adding some finishing touches on my seasonal decorations and preparing my altar for my sister, Aurora Skye, and I as we are planning on celebrating Beltane this year ~ just the two of us.

It is always a special occasion when we are able to find the quality time to spend with both of our hectic schedules these days. Beltane is, in short, the celebration which comes after Ostara/Spring Equinox and represents the sacred marriage of the Lord and Lady or Goddess and God. The name is derived from the Celtic fire god, "Bel" and was also the time of the year for purification ~ two large bonfires were made and the farm animals such as cattle were walked between them to rid them of any parasites.

Our 2015 Beltane Altar
As for Leo, the newest member of our family, he is still playful as ever and is trying to figure out exactly were he fits in with the rest of his feline siblings ...
Mr. Midnight
Here's wishing you all a very blessed weekend!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

It's beginning to look a bit like Springtime!

Greetings everyone! It looks like we are finally getting a few days of spring weather, nice cool breezes and temperatures in the 70's. Mind you, we still have a couple of cooler days, in the 50's and 60's with some rain here and there, but I will take it after the relentless winter we just had this past year!

 The cats always have a lot of extra energy around this time of year as they can sense the seasonal changes. None-the-less, they are having a great time running around the house like crazy felines ...

Leo and Tabitha
Mr. Midnight
Midnight 'n' Kiki
Leo and Midnight

Leo is very young and his energy level is more than the rest of us can handle on a daily basis, and so we have decided in order to get some sleep (both us and the other cats respectfully!), we are going to temporarily put him back in the holding cage at bedtime as all of the cats generally sleep during the day while my hubby and I are at work we should only need to utilize the cage at that time.

After we get home from work and on the weekends we will allow him the freedom to roam the house as much as he wishes. We are confident that slowly but surely he will get completely acclimated to his new environment and we shall at long last have the peace we all used to enjoy as before Leo the Lionheart joined our little family. LOL!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter!

To all of our Christian friends, Have a wonderful Easter holiday and Have a Blessed Weekend ALL!!