Saturday, April 25, 2015

Getting ready for Beltane

Greetings all! With the up-coming sabbat of Beltane this week, I have been fairly busy adding some finishing touches on my seasonal decorations and preparing my altar for my sister, Aurora Skye, and I as we are planning on celebrating Beltane this year ~ just the two of us.

It is always a special occasion when we are able to find the quality time to spend with both of our hectic schedules these days. Beltane is, in short, the celebration which comes after Ostara/Spring Equinox and represents the sacred marriage of the Lord and Lady or Goddess and God. The name is derived from the Celtic fire god, "Bel" and was also the time of the year for purification ~ two large bonfires were made and the farm animals such as cattle were walked between them to rid them of any parasites.

Our 2015 Beltane Altar
As for Leo, the newest member of our family, he is still playful as ever and is trying to figure out exactly were he fits in with the rest of his feline siblings ...
Mr. Midnight
Here's wishing you all a very blessed weekend!

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  1. Dearest Kim...I do wish you and your sister a wonderful sabbat Beltane. That was very interesting about the bonfires and the farm animals.
    Love the photos and this blog~

    Blessings and Love