Sunday, December 30, 2012


Well, it appears that "Old Man Winter" and The Holly King definitely didn't not waste any time getting here this year! Yesterday, like many others, we had our second big snowfall of the season so far (the first one being on Christmas Eve) ...

As I watched the white stuff come down all day yesterday, I kept thinking how glad I was that all of our fur babies were not stuck outside like so many other poor creatures. I know it is just nature's way, but I can't help but to find it so cruel all the same. Tabby sat on the couch peeking outside the living room window as if in complete wonder ...

Mr. Earl Gray enjoyed a day of exploring the upstairs venue and getting acquainted with his new siblings.  In two weeks, he gets his front declaw and then he can live full-time upstairs in good comfort with the rest of us!
I took the Yule tree down and put most of the holiday decorations away. Some I will leave up until it is time to celebrate Imbolg. I have also been doing a bit of re-arranging of the furniture as I tend to do around this time of the year. I even change my pictures on my desk at work with new, updated ones ~ silly, right? But it always somehow gives me a feeling of renewal with a "change of atmostsphere" if you know what I mean? My New Year's resolution? The very same as last year ~ LOL ...
At any rate, I just want to wish each and everyone of you a very Blessed New Year and may 2013 be a great one for us all!!!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Spoiled much?

Well, the winter weather has officially begun here in Berks County, PA. On Christmas eve, we were blessed with enough snow to make everything look pretty, yet not too much as to have to worry about the driving conditions on the country roads on Christmas day ...

Of course, the cats paid no never mind to the falling snow on the ground as they awaited their gifts from Santa Paws in the morning. As usual, they made out like little bandits ~ receiving goody bags of toys and treats from grandma and Auntie Judy as well ...

Hubby and I also exchanged our gifts to each other and then headed off to spend the rest of the day with both our families. We had such a lovely day which included very lovely gifts. Although, none could compare to the most wonderful gift of all. You see, for those of you who do not also follow my other blog "The Wiccan Life", I told my hubby a few days ago that all I wanted for Christmas was Mr. Gray's re-test to be negative for  FEL-Leuk! So, I received a call from him at work on Wednesday morning and the first thing he said to me was, "Merry Christmas!" A bit confused and not knowing if he was trying to be funny or not, I said, "Huh? What happened now?" He then replied, "What do you think? The vet just left a message saying that Mr. Gray's test was negative!" Stunned, I paused for a brief moment and then began to cry happily. That's right, both his re-tests came out negative meaning that not only does he not have the disease, but he is not a carrier either.

For us, this was nothing short of a Yule and Christmas miracle. And it also goes to show how the love and support of our friends out there who sent him so much healing energy and positive thoughts means the world! A huge and heart-felt "Thank you" to all of you! I am truly blessed to have found your friendship!! 

Now, we can spoil him just as much as we have the rest of our fur babies and I so very much look forward to it!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

A very special message from "The Cats"

On this eve of yet another holiday, mom is running around like a crazy woman wrapping the last of the Christmas presents for she and daddy's folks! We get such a kick out of watching her scurry ~ tee hee!!!

She is so busy that she let us "borrow" her computer to post a holiday message to all of you. We are usually not allowed to touch the keyboard because mommy says we can't be trusted. But we know that she is wrong and we are "always" good kitties. Shows what she knows ...

Any meow, as kitties with class, we just wanted to take the time to wish all of our friends and fellow cat lovers out there a Very Happy and Wondrous Holiday Season from all of us here at the funny farm, uh, we mean The Witchy Cats Blog!  

We wuv you all,

Midnight, Haley, Kiki, Tabitha, Sam (the bunny), & Mr. "Earl" Gray


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Best Wishes!!!



Kim, Page, Midnight, Haley, Kiki, Tabitha, Mr. Gray & Winnie


Pretty much says it all ...


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Merry Yule from Auntie Judy and Cats!

My very dear friend and cat-sitter, Judy, and I always exchange presents every year. And every year she adorns my kitties with a big bag of precious gifts of goody treats and cat toys ...

She also understands just how much I LOVE mermaids and always buys me the most amazing gifts ...

"Mermaid Crossing" sign
A beautiful Mermaid candle topper
"Cat Laughs" coffee table book by humorist Gary Patterson
And what did I get her? Well, since Judy is the friend who turned me on to Jim Shore collectibles, I gave her a Jim Shore Santa holding an orange cat, a pair of bassett hound socks, and a baggie full of cat treats for her kitties, a couple of holiday tennis balls for her three doggies, and a large bag of Greenies dog treats.
Judy also happens to be the friend from whom I was blessed with our little Haley-girl. Needless to say, Haley is her absolute favorite of our crew and so I always give her just a little something special from her. This year, it was a small tree ornament with Haley's pic and her name on it. She loved it!!
Thank you so very much Auntie Judy for making our Yule yet another special occasion!


Jingle Cats Silent Night

Monday, December 17, 2012


 Home is where the cat is ... 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Talk about oops!

Okay, so allow me to share my little story of Mr. Gray's "oops!" Last night after placing him back inside of his temporary cage, I threw a load of wash in the dryer. When I went back downstairs to bring up my dry laundry, I noticed that Mr. Gray had apparently had some fun with the roll of paper towels which I had sitting on his canister of kitty litter. The inside of his cage was completely filled with nothing but unraveled paper towels, with the empty cardboard roll lying outside on the floor!

I hadn't taken a pic of it because it was 12:30 in the morning and I was way too tired to run back upstairs for my camera. Besides, I had a bit of a mess to clean up. The best part; however, was the look on his face when he knew he was caught. Kind of like a "deer caught in headlights" sort a of thing ~ LOL!

At any rate, he seems to be doing fine and he is actually beginning to play. Like all cats, he really enjoys playing with ribbons and strings ...


He is such a joy and regardless of what his test this up-coming Saturday at the vets has in store for him, he will definitely have a loving home with us. He's a keeper!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Old Tradition, New Ornaments

Since our very first cat, we have made it a tradition to decorate our Yule tree with an ornament for each and every kitty we have ever had the pleasure to share our lives with, both living and not. Each ornament has our cat's name and the year they joined our family engraved on them ...

Kiki Lee - 2007
Midnight ~ 2007

Haley ~ 2007

Maggie ~ 1993
Mr. Bojangles ~ 1999
Sabrina ~ 1991
Whiskers ~ 1982

This year, we added two more ornaments ~ one for Tabitha and one for Mr. Gray ...

Mr. Gray ~ 2012
Tabitha ~ 2012

These ornaments are special in that each cat only gets one for life and they will grace our tree for many, many years to come. Their memories; however, will forever fill our hearts with love.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tabitha: Portrait of a house cat

Well, since I have already written posts about all of our other family cats, I suppose it is only fair to devote one to our little Princess, Tabitha.

Tabby, as we often call her, came to us from the great outdoors ... well okay, not exactly the "great" outdoors, but at least outside of our house. Hubby spotted her back in the spring of this year and was determained to bond with her one way or the other. He fed her nightly, eventually even getting her to eat cat treats out of the palm of his hand thereby gaining her trust, and he gave her more attention than she could ever want. This went on for months until he was finally able to coux her into the front door of our house. After one failed attempt, we succeeded in trapping her the second time with a shoe string (she's very young and playful!).

She is just a lovely gal and hubby gave her a lovely name to go with her ~ Tabitha Sarina. Tabby is your typical Maine Coon cat. She is laid back, sweet and friendly, extremely smart and picks up on things very quickly. She so much reminds me sometimes of our other Maine Coon, Sabrina, who passed away a couple of years ago at the age of 17.  And, much like Sabrina, Tabby does not meow so much as cherp. Yes, that's right, I said cherp. It's rather adoreable and you just can't help but to love her. Her other nicknames include, "Missy Miss," "Short Stuff" (she is rather small even for a female Maine Coon), and "Tabba." 

She is so playful that even making the bed in the morning is a fun game to her and a real chore for me! In fact, ANYTHING that moves is pretty much fair game! She really enjoys lying underneath the Yule Tree and does so at her leisure every night...

Her best buddy is, of course, my Prince Charming little boy, Midnight and as you can plainly see the feeling is mutual ...

All in all, a pretty great kitty and I think a good candidate as a spoiled house cat!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Another lazy Sunday ...

Just yet another lazy Sunday. Sleeping in late, (or should I say going back to sleep after the cats wake me up at 6:30AM for their morning breakfast), lounging around watching television when I know I should be doing other things on my only two days off from work during the week, making eggs and toast for our breakfast, and then lounging around some more. Sound relaxing? Sure is. We asked the cats and it was unanimous ...

Haley just chillin' out (nothing new for her mind you)
Midnight cuddling with dad
Tabitha trying very hard not to be photographed
We spend as much time with Mr. Gray as possible. He so craves our love and attention!
Wishing everyone as enjoyable a Sunday spending time with loved ones and doing what you love most!!