Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tabitha: Portrait of a house cat

Well, since I have already written posts about all of our other family cats, I suppose it is only fair to devote one to our little Princess, Tabitha.

Tabby, as we often call her, came to us from the great outdoors ... well okay, not exactly the "great" outdoors, but at least outside of our house. Hubby spotted her back in the spring of this year and was determained to bond with her one way or the other. He fed her nightly, eventually even getting her to eat cat treats out of the palm of his hand thereby gaining her trust, and he gave her more attention than she could ever want. This went on for months until he was finally able to coux her into the front door of our house. After one failed attempt, we succeeded in trapping her the second time with a shoe string (she's very young and playful!).

She is just a lovely gal and hubby gave her a lovely name to go with her ~ Tabitha Sarina. Tabby is your typical Maine Coon cat. She is laid back, sweet and friendly, extremely smart and picks up on things very quickly. She so much reminds me sometimes of our other Maine Coon, Sabrina, who passed away a couple of years ago at the age of 17.  And, much like Sabrina, Tabby does not meow so much as cherp. Yes, that's right, I said cherp. It's rather adoreable and you just can't help but to love her. Her other nicknames include, "Missy Miss," "Short Stuff" (she is rather small even for a female Maine Coon), and "Tabba." 

She is so playful that even making the bed in the morning is a fun game to her and a real chore for me! In fact, ANYTHING that moves is pretty much fair game! She really enjoys lying underneath the Yule Tree and does so at her leisure every night...

Her best buddy is, of course, my Prince Charming little boy, Midnight and as you can plainly see the feeling is mutual ...

All in all, a pretty great kitty and I think a good candidate as a spoiled house cat!


  1. Sweet story about your little Tabitha. She sounds like a real joy to have around. I am so happy you and your hubby were able to rescue her.

  2. she is a beauty!!!
    cats are such wonderous creatures!
    i've always had far back as i can remember!
    a house just isn't a home without a cat!!