Wednesday, December 19, 2012

A Merry Yule from Auntie Judy and Cats!

My very dear friend and cat-sitter, Judy, and I always exchange presents every year. And every year she adorns my kitties with a big bag of precious gifts of goody treats and cat toys ...

She also understands just how much I LOVE mermaids and always buys me the most amazing gifts ...

"Mermaid Crossing" sign
A beautiful Mermaid candle topper
"Cat Laughs" coffee table book by humorist Gary Patterson
And what did I get her? Well, since Judy is the friend who turned me on to Jim Shore collectibles, I gave her a Jim Shore Santa holding an orange cat, a pair of bassett hound socks, and a baggie full of cat treats for her kitties, a couple of holiday tennis balls for her three doggies, and a large bag of Greenies dog treats.
Judy also happens to be the friend from whom I was blessed with our little Haley-girl. Needless to say, Haley is her absolute favorite of our crew and so I always give her just a little something special from her. This year, it was a small tree ornament with Haley's pic and her name on it. She loved it!!
Thank you so very much Auntie Judy for making our Yule yet another special occasion!



  1. Festive happenings all round! Kitties and doggies raking in the loot!!! So much fun!!

  2. This is great Kim ;o) So much fun ;o) So many beautiful gifts ;o) And, the fur babies did well too ;o) Big Hugs ;o)