Thursday, December 27, 2012

Spoiled much?

Well, the winter weather has officially begun here in Berks County, PA. On Christmas eve, we were blessed with enough snow to make everything look pretty, yet not too much as to have to worry about the driving conditions on the country roads on Christmas day ...

Of course, the cats paid no never mind to the falling snow on the ground as they awaited their gifts from Santa Paws in the morning. As usual, they made out like little bandits ~ receiving goody bags of toys and treats from grandma and Auntie Judy as well ...

Hubby and I also exchanged our gifts to each other and then headed off to spend the rest of the day with both our families. We had such a lovely day which included very lovely gifts. Although, none could compare to the most wonderful gift of all. You see, for those of you who do not also follow my other blog "The Wiccan Life", I told my hubby a few days ago that all I wanted for Christmas was Mr. Gray's re-test to be negative for  FEL-Leuk! So, I received a call from him at work on Wednesday morning and the first thing he said to me was, "Merry Christmas!" A bit confused and not knowing if he was trying to be funny or not, I said, "Huh? What happened now?" He then replied, "What do you think? The vet just left a message saying that Mr. Gray's test was negative!" Stunned, I paused for a brief moment and then began to cry happily. That's right, both his re-tests came out negative meaning that not only does he not have the disease, but he is not a carrier either.

For us, this was nothing short of a Yule and Christmas miracle. And it also goes to show how the love and support of our friends out there who sent him so much healing energy and positive thoughts means the world! A huge and heart-felt "Thank you" to all of you! I am truly blessed to have found your friendship!! 

Now, we can spoil him just as much as we have the rest of our fur babies and I so very much look forward to it!!!


  1. I am so very happy Kim ;o) I hope the other cats take to Mr. Gray very easy ;o) I love the pictures of the cats and their special gifts ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  2. Great news about Mr. Gray. My Miss Minga found the same stocking under the tree. This was her 20th Christmas, and she has never been one for toys, but I get her one every year anyway...along with her treats.

  3. Kim, I just love your little family! I am so happy that you got just enough snow for a White Christmas and could still travel and be with family.

    Wishing Mr. Gray a more healthy 2013!

    Blessings My Friend,