Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Old Tradition, New Ornaments

Since our very first cat, we have made it a tradition to decorate our Yule tree with an ornament for each and every kitty we have ever had the pleasure to share our lives with, both living and not. Each ornament has our cat's name and the year they joined our family engraved on them ...

Kiki Lee - 2007
Midnight ~ 2007

Haley ~ 2007

Maggie ~ 1993
Mr. Bojangles ~ 1999
Sabrina ~ 1991
Whiskers ~ 1982

This year, we added two more ornaments ~ one for Tabitha and one for Mr. Gray ...

Mr. Gray ~ 2012
Tabitha ~ 2012

These ornaments are special in that each cat only gets one for life and they will grace our tree for many, many years to come. Their memories; however, will forever fill our hearts with love.


  1. This is a precious idea! I love it! The one for Mr. Whiskers is especially charming.
    Our fur-babies deserve their own ornament!!

  2. I love this idea so much Kim!! How beautiful and precious!! I see my stuffed crow in the last picture! I am smiling ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  3. My in-laws have the same tradition, though they do not buy the ornament until the cat passes. My husband and I are building our own traditions, but I always thought this was a sweet way of keeping a piece of them close to your heart.