Sunday, December 2, 2012

Another lazy Sunday ...

Just yet another lazy Sunday. Sleeping in late, (or should I say going back to sleep after the cats wake me up at 6:30AM for their morning breakfast), lounging around watching television when I know I should be doing other things on my only two days off from work during the week, making eggs and toast for our breakfast, and then lounging around some more. Sound relaxing? Sure is. We asked the cats and it was unanimous ...

Haley just chillin' out (nothing new for her mind you)
Midnight cuddling with dad
Tabitha trying very hard not to be photographed
We spend as much time with Mr. Gray as possible. He so craves our love and attention!
Wishing everyone as enjoyable a Sunday spending time with loved ones and doing what you love most!!



  1. Well, it looks like everyone is sure relaxed at your house Kim! That is good! Put up your feet and cuddle with the cats and with your hubby too ;o) Give big hugs to Mr Gray for me ;o)

  2. Sending a few extra hugs to Mr. Gray! Enjoy the peaceful rest!!