Saturday, December 15, 2012

Talk about oops!

Okay, so allow me to share my little story of Mr. Gray's "oops!" Last night after placing him back inside of his temporary cage, I threw a load of wash in the dryer. When I went back downstairs to bring up my dry laundry, I noticed that Mr. Gray had apparently had some fun with the roll of paper towels which I had sitting on his canister of kitty litter. The inside of his cage was completely filled with nothing but unraveled paper towels, with the empty cardboard roll lying outside on the floor!

I hadn't taken a pic of it because it was 12:30 in the morning and I was way too tired to run back upstairs for my camera. Besides, I had a bit of a mess to clean up. The best part; however, was the look on his face when he knew he was caught. Kind of like a "deer caught in headlights" sort a of thing ~ LOL!

At any rate, he seems to be doing fine and he is actually beginning to play. Like all cats, he really enjoys playing with ribbons and strings ...


He is such a joy and regardless of what his test this up-coming Saturday at the vets has in store for him, he will definitely have a loving home with us. He's a keeper!


  1. Silly cat! Even though it was a naughty thing to us, it was fun for him and shows how far he has come. It is great to see him playing! have you given him one of your catnip mousies? My Pixie adores it and romps with it frequently.
    Hugs to you for loving Mr. Gray.

  2. Love you Mr. Gray ;o) Glad you had some fun ;o) LOL! I love the photos of him playing! Big Hugs, Kim ;o)

  3. Once in a while, one of my cats will decide that its a good idea to unroll the toilet paper. LOL. So, there will be tiny pieces of toilet paper that race away from the broom when you're tryin to clean it up. Which, of course, throws them into a further state of play. They really are better than TV.

  4. Cats are such fun...they do the best things without even trying...