Sunday, March 1, 2015

The waiting game ...

Well, we are still waiting it out with our newest feline fur baby, Leo. As you know, he is being kept away from our other four kitties as per our vet. Since we don't know what attacked and bit him so badly and whether or not it had rabies, all we could do was get his rabies shot in any case and continue to wait it out for six whole months. 

He has been showing signs of aggression, but my hubby seems to think it has more to do with his being cooped up in the cage most of the time than the likelihood that he actually has the rabies virus. I sure hope he is right. At any rate, he is still a pretty sweet little boy and we just want to get him straightened out as soon as possible. We have; however, decided to move him, cage in tow, upstairs in our living room so that he can feel somewhat a part of the family and he will not feel so alone all of the time.


As for our other cats, they are naturally curious, but the only one who has shown any type of disapproval so far has been our territorial calico cat, Haley. No worries, she doesn't really like any of our other cats either, but for some strange reason she loves people a lot. Go figure.


  1. Kim, I sure do hope all will go well for Leo, my friend.

  2. Hoping Leo can get out of confinement soon!

  3. Awww, I really hope Leo is ok, so he can come into the family ;o) I feel bad he is in the cage!