Friday, February 20, 2015

Leo's Progress ...

Leo has been settling in rather nicely. He is truly a sweet kitty and we are happy to have gotten the chance to welcome him into our home. Since we must keep him away from the rest of the cats for a few more months, we have been keeping him downstairs in the holding cage with everything he needs until we get home from work and can bring him upstairs to rome around in the spare bedroom. This way, he can stretch his legs a bit and we can interact with him ... playing and giving him the attention he was so craving.

 Have a magickal weekend everyone!!!


  1. I'm so happy that Leo is doing well, and that he has somebody like you that treats him so good.

    He truly is beautiful, I mean . . . just look at those eyes, I find something very magickal about them!

  2. He is one gorgeous kitty. I'm sure he is happy to have found you guys. Especially with this brutal winter... no kitty wants to be out there in this kind of weather.

  3. He is so beautiful! I am so happy everything is going well ;o)