Friday, February 24, 2012

Can't get enough of that Pit Boss

Now, at the risk of stating the obvious, I like dogs, but I am very much more of a "cat" person at heart. That being said, I have to tell you that I am really hooked on the television series, "Pit Boss"!

For those of you who never watched it, it is a reality show about a former movie actor named Francis "Shorty" Rossi who happened to have spent 10 years in jail before turning his life around and becoming an actor/Talent Agent/Pit Bull Activist. Upon his release from prison, Shorty vowed to dedicate the rest of his life to rescuing and placing good homes for his Pit Bulls, whom he swears have "always been there" for him.

Shorty is an L.P. (Little Person) with a bit of a foul mouth and a big heart! He is the owner and boss of his own little people talent agency called "Shortywood" and uses a huge portion of that money for his other business known as "Shorty's Rescue."

The show is primarily centered around Shorty and his dogs, his three employees (and friends) Ashley Brooks, Ronald Lee Clark and Sebastian Saraceno ~ all Little People also. 

For me; however, the heart of the show is the somewhat touching (and sometimes humorous) interaction between these very diverse individuals. Ashley is the laid back, fun-loving receptionist who is vying for a career as a comedian.  Both Ronald, who is Shortywood's Booking Assistant and Seb who is its' Entertainment Coordinator, are pursuing careers as professional actors and have both landed roles in the up-coming movie, "Sleeping Beauty" starring Julia Roberts. These guys are also the muscle behind Shorty's Rescue and they are in it for the love of the dogs.

"Pit Boss Theme Re-Mix" (Love this!)

To be honest, this show has forced me to see Pit Bulls in a different light than they are usully portrayed by the public eye. It just proves to me what I have always thought  all along~ that it is "people"  who usually make an animal mean or dangerous and NOT the animal itself!


  1. I agree totally with you Kim!!!!! This sounds like a great show!!! Big Hugs ;o)

  2. LOVE that show! And Pit Bulls and Parolees, too. You are right. There are a lot of wonderful pitties out there, and an equal amount of nasty little laps dogs!