Thursday, December 5, 2013

Okay, I can breathe again now ...

The past couple of weeks since it has gotten so much colder here in Berks County, PA, our kitty Midnight has been limping and crying in pain if we so much as touched his backend near his tail. We finally decided we needed to take him to our trusty vet, Dr. Ostrich, to get him checked out. Turns out:

1. After placing a sample of his fur and skin dandriff on a slide and immediately looking at it under a miscroscope while waited, he had developed a yeast infection on his back; and,
2.  Upon examination, Midnight had to be scheduled two days later for x-rays of his spine.

For the infection, he prescribed a lotion we must apply on his back once a day for two weeks called, Ketomax. And, he also gave him a shot for the pain.

As for his x-rays, I took him back to the vet today and Dr. Ostrich took two shots of his spine. I got the results within a few minutes and the doc took me into a viewing room and, with Midnight in tow while I cradled him in my arms, went over the results. He showed me the x-rays and exactly what I was looking at and told me that the area between his tail and spine are arthritic and that is what is causing him so much pain. The answer: Laser Surgery treatments. It will take six consecutive treatments and then one session per month thereafter. 

Talk about relieved? I am so very happy that it is not something much worse and that we can help him with treatments. No pills, no shots, just a painless laser procedure with the added benefit of NOT having to put him to sleep while doing it. 

Thank you once again, Dr. Ostrich ... you're the best!!!

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  1. Our Poor Midnight!!! Give him a special hug from me! I am so happy he can be treated and get better ;o) Big Hugs ;o)