Saturday, June 7, 2014

Isn't that just like a cat?

Ever since my hubby and I welcomed our Norwegian Forest kitty, Tabitha, into our little cat family, she has continued to surprise me in her own way. Where she immediately bonded with my hubby at first, she had always seemed rather aloof in regards to me. Well, to be honest, she used to down right continuously run away from me!

Mind you, granted, I am our cats mommy guardian in every way i.e. "I" feed them twice a day, "I" clean their litter boxes, and "I" spend the most time spoiling them to the moon and back. As is so often seems to be the case with felines, gaining her trust was a slow process, but one that has (apparently) finally paid off!

For the past week or so, Tabitha has waited for me to come home from work. She patiently sits and watches from the living room window for me to get out of my car and then sweetly greets me at the back door. This particular maneuver reminds me so very much of my beloved Maine Coon, Sabrina, who used to routinely greet me at my apartment door the minute that I came home from work every day ...

Sabrina with my black & white Mini Lop, Barney circa 1994

 ... and with our male Tuxedo kitty, Mr. Bojangles

Yesterday, she actually tried to touch me with her paw from the other side of the window.  She has also made it a habit to follow me in the bedroom all of the time and then stares at me until I lie down and take a little nap with her on the bed while she snuggles up next to me purring.

Hmmm,  cats ... go figure, eh?

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  1. Cats, have a mind of their own! LOL! I am so happy she is coming around to you Kim o) Love seeing your animal pics! Warms my heart ;o) Hugs ;o)