Friday, December 26, 2014

A Visit from Santa Paws

Merry Meows all! Hope everyone had a wonderful visit from "Santa Paws!" Apparently, we were very, very good this year. Lots of Greenie Treats and cat toys to go around for all of us ...

 And, we even received a special Christmas card from our best buddies ...

 (L-R) "Acey" (the black lab), "Rocky" the cat (on Santa's lap), Punkin' (the beagle), and our BFF "Miss Sadie" (the basset hound)

We were so happy to hear from them! Mom says that their mommy is her very dear friend, Miss Judy. Judy took such great care of us whenever mommy and daddy went on their week-long trips with grandma and grandpa. We sure do love her and miss her lots. Next to our own mommy, she is the best!

Have a purrfect weekend everyone!
~ Mr. Midnight, Tabitha, Kiki, & Haley

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  1. What a purrrfect special Christmas you all had ;o) Loved all the pics ;o) Big Hugs ;o)