Saturday, May 16, 2015

Meet our little B-Boy!

Yup, that's right, we have recently nicknamed Leo, our newest member of our cat family, "b-boy" (short for "bad boy")! He is, by far, the most rambunctious of any of the cats we have ever welcomed into our family.

We have had hyper-active younger kitties before; however, those cats have now gotten a bit older and (just like me) do not have the patience with him and they either run like hell from him or hiss and growl whenever he is so much as even within eye shot.

Unfortunately, our female Haley (you know, the one whom we have had major issues with her peeing on the furniture behavior?) has started THAT again because of Leo. She hates him to no end and makes herself quite clear.

For now, we have had to utilize the large dog cage during the day when we are at work and after we go to bed, leaving Leo out and about only when we are able to cat sit him so that none of the other cats get hurt. Not the most gratifying cat rescue we have had, but what can you do? We took him in and pray that he will eventually settle down! After all, he had been through a lot outside and had been beaten up pretty badly when we found him. Besides, we really do love the little guy. 

Leo and Mr. Midnight chilling out on our bed


  1. "B-Boy" looks as if he has quite a bit of attitude in that top photo...he is very handsome but it is to bad that he is causing such chaos among the family.
    Sometimes those who show little love have in fact received little of it. He has had to fight to survive on the outside and now he needs time to realize that he is among those who care~

    Love and Blessings to All & B-Boy

    1. Thanks, Jan! I couldn't agree more with you!!! ;)