Thursday, July 30, 2015

This and That ...

Greetings, my friends! Things have been rather busy here as of late. I have been making some additions to the catio, adding a tall kitty condo which I have placed in front of the back window so that the cats may be able to enjoy the view outside. And, I have added a few more nice throw rugs as well ...

Last Friday morning while I was walking out the door to go to work, I was greeted by our favorite little neighbor cat, "Miss Fancy Pants" (hubby and I have nicknamed her "Trixie"). As usual, I opened the door and she walked right in. Apparently, once again, she had gotten away from our neighbor lady and she came to see us. We love her visits, although given the fact that we live very close to a major (and extremely busy!) highway we are naturally concerned about her  safety. We kept her in the catio for the remainder of the weekend until her owner came to pick her up. At least we knew that she would not get hurt or stolen while we were at work all day.

"Miss Fancy Pants" (aka "Trixie")

Long story short, we drove her back home and the woman told my hubby that she had to babysit out of the area every other weekend and asked us if we would like to catsit "Miss Fancy Pants" for her on the weekends that she was away. She also makes handmade catnip toys and generously sent five beautiful bags home with us for our fur babies ...

Lady Tabitha approves of her new catnip toy!

Since we enjoy "Fancy Pants" company so very much (and we only live a block away from her owner), we agreed to watch her. She will have everything she needs in the catio and plenty of love and affection. We haven't actually begun watching her as of yet, "Fancy Pants" owner is supposed to contact us next Thursday to confirm. We shall see how things go.
Until next time, Brightest Blessings All!!!

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