Saturday, November 14, 2015

New Vet, New Challenges

After due consideration, hubby and I have decided to change vets. Since Dr. Ostrich has pretty much retired and Dr. Heather is so busy that she is hardly ever available when you need to schedule an appointment with her, we will be taking our fur babies to Dr. Mike (Comalli) and his wife Lila, who is also a veterinarian, at their veterinary clinic in Womelsdorf. Luckily for us, Dr. Mike is located only a couple of miles up the road from our old vet.

Another reason for the change in vets is that Dr. Mike is known for being extremely thorough and excellent at making a diagnosis. And, with the medical issues that we have been experiencing with our fur babies as of late, we need a vet who knows what they are doing and has a lot of experience just as our long-time vet, Dr. Ostrich.

On Wednesday night, we took Midnight to Dr. Mike to examine some wart-like lumps/tumors on the dorsal part of his tail. After he shaved away the fur to get a better look, he saw at least 12 more little tumors and also noticed a lot of moisture around that area. We have scheduled a biopsy for December 3rd, but first we must take care of the moisture on his tail so that Dr. Mike may get an accurate biopsy result. At present, we are treating his tail three times a week with a special shampoo we are to use up until his biopsy surgery. We are praying that our baby will be okay and will do whatever we possibly can to save him. Unfortunately, as is always the case, after a certain point it is all out of our hands. 

Midnight's tail
Another change which I, myself, have chosen to make is that since I will no longer have the time to keep two blogs going, I will soon be phasing this blog out. I will leave it up as there is some information that perhaps someone may find helpful or useful in some way, but other than that I will no longer be adding new posts to this particular blog. I will; however, still try to continue with my main blog, "The Wiccan Life." 


  1. Dearest, you know I wish you all healing and love.
    I already follow your other blog, too, so I'm not going to lose touch with you, sweet friend :)

    Hugs & Blessings

    1. Jan, I am so grateful for caring friends such as you are! Thank you from the bottom of all our hearts!

  2. Hi Kim, I always wish the best to you and your family, I tried leaving a comment on your latest post on your other blog but wasn't able to.



    1. Thanks Lon, my friend. I so very much apologize for the issue with commenting on my other blog. You see, I had to change the settings to blog members only because I had had enough of rude, inconsiderate people on the internet. I do not know how else to solve this problem other than that? I would be open to any suggestions you may have as I am not computer saavy. LOL!!!