Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My house guest, Niecy!

Today, I will be welcoming my house guest, Niecy. I am cat-sitting her for a Reiki client, and friend, of mine. She actually belongs to my friends' daughter who only trusts me, her "Aunt Kimmie," to care for her.

Niecy's owners, Kylie and my Reiki client (her mommy) Britnee

I will be watching her through the entire next week while her owners are on their yearly vacation to Florida. She is such a sweet little gray and white tabby cat and so well behaved. I have been cat-sitting her for the past couple of years and always look forward to seeing her!

She is also a rescue kitty who happens to love people. I have a huge dog cage set up downstairs aside of my Reiki Room for her which is large enough to hold a litter box, water bowl, food dish and toys. I will be keeping her there during the day while I am at work and then I will socialize her after I get home by bringing her upstairs with the rest of us. This way, she is sure to get plenty of attention!

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  1. are such a good kitty sitter ;o) Niecy looks so adorable ;o) Have fun ;o)