Monday, April 2, 2012

What would Jackson Galaxy do?

Okay, in case you do not follow my other blog, The Wiccan Life, I have been having a bit of an issue with our two female cats marking their territory  all over our good couch since we took in our temporary guest, Niecy, for my friend while her family is on vacation until next Saturday!

Now first of all, our girls are already spayed, so that isn't in the least bit a problem. Not to mention that we cat-sat for this particular kitty last year without incident.

Females. What a real pain in the ass these girls can be! I guess my hubby and I were extremely fortunate in the past as we had two beauitfull, well-behaved, non-territorial females who NEVER pulled this crap ~  not even after we took in our black and white male tuxedo cat, Mr. Bojangles, as a kitten!

Okay Jackson, what would you do other than perhaps tell us to never take in another female cat unless they were either:

A.  an only house cat or,
B.  Litter siblings

Needless to say, we have washed the couch cushions and their covers (twice) and saturated everything with "Urine Gone" and "Nature's Miracle's Orange Oxy Power" spray. Not too sure about the Orange Oxy yet, but the Urine Gone may as well be plain old water as it has done absolutely nothing to deter them

I tell you, gimme a neutered male cat (or 5) any day of the week! LOL! As for Niecy, she is just chilling and is as calm and relaxed as can be in a strange house around strange cats.

Hmmm, maybe I can trade one of my females in for this little sweetheart, eh? ...


  1. LOL! Hey, maybe they would never know, if you switched cats??? I love this picture of Niecy so much ;o) She just has that look. I don't know how to explain it. Hugs Kim ;o)

    1. Stacy ~ I know, right? Don't you just love how she has her front paws crossed as if she were posing for that pic? LOL!!

    2. She is one sassy, sexy kitty ;o) LOL!

  2. Niecy looks like one cool babe ... sorry about all the trouble your having ... what an absolute drag ... keep saying "I love my kitty girls, I love my kitty girls, I love my kitty girls" then scream !

    Happiness to you !

  3. Hey Kim ;o) Make sure you come by my blog ;o) I am linking up with Magaly, for 6 giveaways that I made for her party ;o) Hugs ;o)