Thursday, April 26, 2012

Welcome to the Cat's Room (and oh yeah, a little reminder) ...

The cats asked me to give you all a virtual tour of their very own room. This used to be our spare guest bedroom, but since it was only ever used once since we moved into the house, we decided to turn it into the "Cat's" room instead. This is the room where we keep their kitty litter box, the bunny cage and food, cat litter and scooper, toys, benches, etc...

Special wood cabinet to put cat box in for privacy

Pet supplies area

Eeyore latch hook rug I had made for them to lay on

Handmade bench my brother made for them

Stereo system for when we go away on vacaction, etc.

Well, that concludes the cats little tour. We thank you all for joining us on this post and our blog!

And now for the important part, a little reminder to all who participated in the Witch Cats Blog Give-away to check in with us this Saturday for the winners of the drawing!!! Good luck and Blessed Be all!!!


  1. I love the cats room ;o) The special wood cabinet for privacy made me laugh! Too cute ;o) Your cats have great parents ;o) Much love and it shows ;o) Good luck everyone on the giveaway ;o)

  2. What a wonderful room they have, Kim!!! Can you say "Pampered Kitties" :) I love this idea! The bench that your brother made is so neat!!!

    Big Hugs,