Saturday, June 9, 2012

Home sweet home!

Well, we're finally back from our 6-day cruise on the Rideau Canal in Ontario, Canada! And what a trip is was! Cruising the Rideau Canal from Kingston up through Ottawa was an amazing experience. Good food, great scenery, fascinating history, friendly passengers and crew, and an awesome boat named the Kawartha Voyageur.

The only thing missing were our furr babies whom both hubby and I missed terribly! Fortunately, they were in very good hands as we have been blessed with a fantastic friend who always makes sure to go out of her way by going above and beyond the call of duty! She gives both kitties and bunny the extra love and care they need with us away for so long. After we arrived home, I noticed a small bag of baby carrots in the frig for Sam. Since our friend, Judy, refuses to accept any amount of money for her trouble, we always bring her back something special and unique from our trip.

 Just one of the many gifts we brought back for Judy in appreciation of everything she has done for us

Needless to say, our cats were happy to see us come back home again ~ after about an hour of kissing a little kitty-cat behind, that is! LOL! 


  1. I know they missed you guys. It is so difficult to leave our fur babies behind. So glad Judy was able to care for them. I bet they enjoyed all her attentions!!

    1. Oh yes, Robin! I know for a fact that they relished in it! LOL!! Judy even bought them some canned cat food! LOL!

  2. Welcome home, Kim!!! You can now get back to your "fur babies" and your life at home after a gorgeous and wonderful trip to our lovely neighbor Canada~~~

    Big Hugs,

    Love those soaps that you brought back for your friend Judy :)

    1. Thanks, Jan! We had a great time but it really is good to be back home again with everyone!

      Big hugs,


  3. Donkey drool soap! LOL! I have to get some of that ;o) Judy sounds like one special person! Baby carrots and canned cat food! Spoiled little fur babies ;o) LOL! Hugs Kim, happy you are back and I know your babies are happy you are back too ;o)