Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"It's Like This, Cat"

As a child, my favorite book was (without a doubt),  a children's novel called "It's Like This, Cat" written by Emily Cheney Neville. In fact, I loved the book so much that I decided to write my English class book report on it. Got a B+ actually. I remember because, believe it or not, I still  have the original paper which I had written back in my 4th grade year ~ LOL!

Looking back, even then, I was fascinated with cats. To be honest, I was rasied around nothing but dogs as my mom would never, at least back then, allow me to have a cat in the house. Funny thing is that as time went by, she, too, grew to love cats as well. Go figure.

This story revolves around a young man named Dave Mitchell who lives in New York and, in spite of his father's urging him to get a dog because "they are educational," decides to befriend a stray cat whom he simply names "Cat."  His close friend Kate, also known as "Aunt Kate" or "Crazy Kate," also lived with a few strays which she had taken into her home. He also finds friendship with two older boys named Nick and Tom, and two young girls ~ both witches (humm, cats and witches ~ coincidence?)

In short, this book deals with many different situations which one must face as a child growing up. In Dave's case, his mother's serious medical problems, his "grouchy" old father, his eccentric friend Kate, his friend having to move away from him, as well as the subject of death. 

I loved this story growing up and, oddly enough, it has still stayed with me somehow after all of these many years. Strange how that happens, eh?


  1. This sounds like a good book. I love the memories of books from childhood. The fact of witches and cats in this book is not surprising at all!

  2. Kim, this book sounds amazing! I wonder if I could get it, to read it? It seems pretty heavy for 4th grade! Very cool that it has cats and witches! Big Hugs ;o)