Friday, July 20, 2012

Midnight Crazies

Last night, I was really tired and went to bed a bit earlier than normal. My cat, Midnight, always follows me to bed no matter what time I turn in. So, last night he decided to jump off of my pillow at around 1:00am. The next thing I know, I hear he and one of our other cats, Kiki, wrestling around rather roughly out in the living room. Kiki screams and hisses which prompted me to immediately get up out of bed to quickly intervene before someone got seriously hurt.

A couple of minutes later, I hear yet another loud scream coming from, of course, Kiki. So, once again I ran out into the living room and this time I scooped up Midnight, closed the bedroom door behind me, placed him on my pillow and said to him, "Now you settle down!" (like THAT is really going to work, right?) LOL!

I have to admit that I was rather irritated by this point as I had to get up for work in just three hours! My very first instinct was to scold him, but then I remembered that usually does not work with cats. Then I thought about something that Jackson Galaxy always says ~ "Whenever you say 'no'  to something, make sure you always put a 'yes' behind it." Believe it or not, it really does work!

And with that thought in mind, I started gently stroking Midnight (who, by the way, was not too thrilled that I not only closed the door behind him but put him on my pillow without it being his idea) from head to tail. It wasn't long before he began to purr loudly and eventually calmed down to the point where I could allow him back into the living room again with Kiki.  All because I said 'no' to the rough play, but 'yes' to the undivided attention he received on my pillow.

I swear, life with cats is never a dull moment in this house! LOL!

Midnight 'n' Kiki


  1. What a night!! Good job calming that wild cat down.

    1. LOL! Thanks, Robin! It was quite a night alright. I have never seen Midnight act like that. Wow! He is lucky that I love him so much! ;)

  2. I know what you mean. I have a tomcat like that too ; )

  3. Midnight is loved and spoiled! LOL! You are a good mommy! What we do for our pets ;o) It wasn't a full moon last night, was it? Maybe Midnight was acting out because of that? Hugs ;o)