Thursday, January 10, 2013

Mr. Gray Update ...

Well, this morning was Mr. Gray's front declaw surgery at the vets. At around 10:05 this morning, I received a phone call at work from Dr. Veltri informing us that Mr. Gray's surgery went well and that we could pick him up on Saturday morning to bring him home.

We set up his large dog cage from downstairs in the middle of the living room so that he can be surrounded by his loved ones while he recuperates for a couple of more days ...

Tabitha misses him very much as do we! He has been at the vets since Wednesday evening and we can't wait to get him back where he belongs!!


  1. I'm sure glad that everything turned out okay!

  2. Thanks so much, my friend!!!
    Brightest Blessings to you, Kim

  3. Replies
    1. MMMWAH! Wuv you 2 Auntie Stacy! ;)

      Your pal,

      Mr. Gray