Monday, January 21, 2013

Settling in ...

It would appear that our little, umm, I mean big guy, Mr. Gray is finally beginning to settle into our little fur family nicely! He, Tabby and Midnight are wonderful together. Kiki; however, is another story entirely. Let's just say that if she keeps hissing and carrying on the way in which she is, she is gonna find her nasty self in the "time out" cage for a couple of nights. LOL!!! (I'm not kidding either!)

At any rate, I do believe that he is going to be very, very happy here. His "other family's" (if he actually did have one) loss is definitely our gain!!!  :)


  1. Poor Kiki in the time out cage! LOL! That is so cute Kim! I am so happy Mr. Gray is settling in well ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  2. Those cats look cozy, comfy on the bed. There always seems to be one family member who does not want to "get with the program". So happy Mr Gray has folded himself into the fabric of your family!!

  3. Love your kitties, I have four of my own, wonderful friends!! 3 Sleep together but the oldest,Foxy, sleeps about 2 feet away from them! Love the pictures!!! Glad you gave Mr Gray a home!

    Alice M and Foxy