Saturday, September 7, 2013

Some new stuff!!!

Greetings everyone!!! Hope you all are having a blessed summer. As for me, I am very much looking forward to the Fall season and, of course, MABON!! To help get you into the spirit of things, I have posted my newest cat wreath, "The Four Seasons of the Cat" ...      > ^..^ <

I also added a couple of new items to Haley's catio. Since Mr. Gray no longer needs to "live" downstairs after his tests results came back to us negative for FeLuek, I thought I'd bring up the two pieces of furniture which I had bought for him and give them to Haley. She now has a new bed and kitty condo ...

I think she likes the new look!!!

Speaking of Haley, my hubby found a wonderful little item in, of all places, his Sportsman's Guide magazine! They are sofa/furniture covers with a kind of plastic underneath them. Wanna take a guess why I bought them? Yup, you guessed it, to protect our beautiful new sofa from Haley urinating on it and doing any more damage to it than she already has. The night we put them on, she decided to pee on the couch. Perhaps she felt the need to mark the thing that smelled "different" to her and wasn't there before? Well, after "testing" the new covers we found that THEY WORK WONDERFULLY!!! ...

They are machine washable and come in many different sizes and colors. I highly recommend these for anyone who is having the same problem with a house cat with the same behavior issue.

Wishing ALL a very lovely weeknd!!!! 


  1. Haley is so gorgeous, Kim!!! She sure looks happy :)

    Great find on those covers...who would know :D

    Love that wreath, too!!!


  2. Wonderful pictures !! Such cute kitties and they seem to have a great time.
    Those covers sound wonderful. Yhey would be great for my old doggy too ; )

    I have something on my blog for you ; )

    Have a magical day.

  3. I love your new wreath ;o) So cute ;o)
    I see Haley is loving her new items ;o) It's too bad you have to cover up your couch! But, I am so happy you found something that works ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o)