Saturday, August 9, 2014

Bunny kisses!

A little update on our bunny, Sam. We are still giving him his meds twice a day for his respiratory infection. He is not over it as of yet, but seems to be getting better as he is not weezing near as much as he had been. 

Last night, we had him out with us sitting on the sofa. He snuggled up next to me a bit and kept giving me "bunny kisses." Of all the rabbits we have shared our lives with through the years, we have never had one that actually gave us kisses before ...

Turns out that the "bunny kisses" are much like what a cat or dog does when they "groom" one another. And, it is also a bunny's way of showing you that they love and trust you. Rabbits are prey animals and lying next to their humans as close as Sam is in the above pic shows much trust (most especially when they lie on their side exposing their belly)! 

We will keep treating Samuel until his meds are finished. He is currently being given antibiotics so it may take a bit more time to take affect. If not, we will be taking him for another trip back to the vet for further treatment.

Lady Tabitha guarding her brother Samuel's cage. She and Mr. Midnight take turns



  1. How precious, dear Kim...tiny "bunny kisses" from a trusting and adorable furry family member.
    Lady Tabitha is keeping an eye on things, too...I just love animals! They give and give and ask only for our love.

    Blessings & Love

  2. I agree with Jan! This is so precious! I want some bunny kisses now ;o)
    I hope Sam, keeps getting better ;o)
    Lady Tabitha is so beautiful and such a good sister ;o)
    Big Hugs ;o)