Sunday, August 3, 2014

No, seriously, Domestic Rats!

It has been my experience that not very many people know (or are even educated at all on the subject for that matter) that domestic rats make great pets! They are generally friendly, very clean, and extremely intelligent! They are even capable of being trained.

Many years ago, long before I met my hubby, an ex-boyfriend of mine had brought home a black and white domestic rat from the local pet store which he named, "Daisy." Never being exposed to any other critters other than dogs, cats and rabbits, my very first thought was, "What? You brought home a sewer rat? UGH!"

But it did not take me very long to realize that these guys are NOT "sewer rats" at all. They, in fact, make very cool pets indeed! Daisy was super friendly and very smart as well. She was so well-behaved that all we had to do is open up the cover to her huge tank and she would simply walk on to the palm of our hands, never nipping or biting. Believe it or not, even the cats accepted her. Hard to believe? Well, it was no more harder to believe for me than our cats getting along with our bunny Sam! ;o)

 I have found a great article on the ASPCA's website which I have included here in this post ...


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  1. So cute Kim! Love this post! I have heard of this before, that they are great pets! xoxoxo