Thursday, November 15, 2012

Midnight's little gray shadow ...

For the past couple of weeks, not only have Midnight and Tabby become insparable, but it seems that Kiki is finally beginning to come around a bit as far as Tabby is concerned. For example, take notice how close Kiki is lying next to Tabby knowing that she is directly above her. This would have never been the scene two weeks ago ...
Also, Kiki has been hanging on me like a lost little soul since Midnight has a new buddy. Of course all she need do is get closer to Midnight even when Tabby is around. I guess time will tell if Kiki will ever really except her completely. She still continues to hiss at Tabby from time to time, but she is still a sight better than she had been for sure.
I have to say, the two of them are so cute together! These two sleep side by side on the bed all day, eat at the same time, play together in the evening, and then snuggle up again at bedtime. I am so glad that Tabby has been able to bond with atleast one of the cats.


  1. So glad! We still haven't introduced Lola to Gertie and Sunny. I wanted her to be big enough to hold her own, but also big enough to have shots, because I certainly don't want to make any of them ill. I need to do an update on her. She's such a little fluff!
    Many blessings!

  2. This is so precious Kim!!! I am happy Tabby has a friend ;o) And, I do hope Kiki comes around ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  3. Bit by bit Kiki will eventually come over to the Light!! She just doesn't want anyone to think she is "giving in". In her own sweet time all will be cozy! So good that Midnight and Tabby are friends.