Saturday, October 12, 2013


Greetings everyone! I have been a bit busy around the house as of late. I am re-decorating the cat's room which used to be our guest bedroom. I have added a few new things and used some old as well ...

I hung up a few new photos I took of the cats ...

(clockwise)  Midnight, Haley, Mr. Earl Gray and Tabitha

Pink Cat oil lamp I made out of a wine bottle

My Handmade Cat Wreath on door
Cat stool with stenciled cats

Black Cat Two-Tealight Candle Holder
Well, so far that is everything for the cat's room. Of course, I will probably be adding some little things here and there should I find something I like while out and about. But so far, no complaints from the cats!!


  1. You have a lot of wonderful cat "stuff". I love what you have done. I shouldn't think the cats have anything to complain about. They have loving Humans who decorate a whole room for them!!!

  2. It all looks wonderful, dear Kim...any cat would be proud of this "cats room"!!! I love that wine bottle oil lamp that you made...beautiful!!!

    Big Hugs~~~

  3. The room is looking fantastic! What a room for your kitties! So special! I only have one question? If I visit, do I sleep with the cats? Just wondering, since there is no guest bedroom? LOL! Hugs ;o)
    I forgot to say, the wine bottle oil lamp is beautiful! You should show how you made it!

  4. That is just the cutest room I've ever seen!!! Great job!