Sunday, October 13, 2013

Something new for Samhain this year!

Greetings all! Those of you who have been following my blogs for some time now, know that every year I add a new decoration or two for the holiday/sabbat season. This year, I found three new Heartwood Creek Jim Shore cat figurines ~ two for Samhain/Halloween and one for all year round ...


The angel holding the cat really resonated with me and I just could not resist buying it! And, along with these new items, I also decided to decorate the cat's room as well with a cool lighted black cat pumpkin which I had picked up last year at the Hay Creek Festival ...

Here's wishing everyone a great week!!


  1. Wonderful additions. I can never find much in the way of Jim shore around here, or at least not of halloween, and cats.
    Great Cat Jack-O-Lantern for the kittties.

  2. How wonderful and I so understand the angel with the cat meaning so much to you, dear Kim.
    I just love Jim Shore figurines!!!

    Warm Hugs,

  3. Kim, you buy such cool items!!! Tomorrow, I am going to my local Hallmark store ;o) I might be treating myself. As you know, we don't get the same items as you do! I have two Jim Shore figures and I would like to get a witch or a black cat ;o) The angel with the cat is so precious and I love your black cat pumpkin!! Big Hugs ;o)