Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Healthy Bunny is a Happy Bunny!

For the past couple of days or so, our Netherland Dwarf bunny Samuel ("Sam") has been sneezing and weezing with a runny nose. So this afternoon, I left work early in order to take him to our trusty vet, Dr. Ostrich at Eagle's Peak Animal Clinic.

Turns out that he has a respiratory infection and needed meds and so Dr. Ostrich gave us a prescription for an antibiotic called sulfatrim in a liquid form. We must give it to him in a syringe twice a day.

I had a feeling that was what the issue may have been as many years ago, our Mini Lop bunny Barney, had one as well. But instead of a liquid medication, we were given rather large pills which were very hard to adnminister. So, how exactly does one give a rabbit pills? Well, since the pills would not dilute in water and we were afraid to give it to him the way in which you can give a cat or dog meds using a pill popper, we broke it up in tiny pieces and mixed it in with a very small bowl of rabbit pellets so that he would in gest it all in one sitting. It worked!

"Sir Barney Charles"

To be honest, it was actually a relief to find out that what he had was treatable. Rabbits are not known for having the strongest of constitutions and even though you may keep your bunny indoors as we always have sometimes all it takes is a draft to get them sick. Hopefully now, he is on his way to making a full recovery!


  1. Poor little bunny! Sending big healing hugs to Sam ;o) You were smart about the pills! I am glad you have liquid medication now ;o)
    Take Care Kim xoxoo

    1. Thanks, sweetie! I really appreciate your healing hugs ( and I will pass along to Sam for you!)