Saturday, July 12, 2014

Sam's New Bunny Bedding ...

For many years, I used pine bedding in my bunny cages. My very first rabbit, a black & white male Mini Lop named Sir Barney, was a rescue from the apartment of a woman customer who had abandoned him, (along with two adorable flea-covered kittens) leaving them without food or water for at least a few days, when my boyfriend at the time found them. When we took him in, I knew absolutely nothing at all about rabbits other than they wiggled their noses and hopped around a lot ... LOL!

So I decided to purchase a book on how to take care of rabbits and temporarily used cedar bedding ~ that is until I later read in my bunny care book that the dust causes very bad respiratory infections! At that point, I began using pine bedding as I was told that it was the better choice for both the indoor bunny's health and odor control.

Recently, I was doing my usual weekly pet food and supply shopping at Pet Smart when I came across a new brand of paper bedding in the "small critters" isle ...

 Kaytee Clean & Cozy Lavender Scented Animal Bedding

Kaytee Clean & Cozy Animal Bedding is made from paper material that meets FDA standards for food contact, is 99.9% dust free and offers guaranteed odor control. It is safe for small pets, comfortable, and 20% more absorbent than other leading brands of small pet bedding and litter. It's also great for guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, domestic rats, and other small pets.

And, it is fairly cheap as well ~ definitely cheaper than the pine bedding I had been buying. So far, so good!


  1. Great find Kim ;o) Your bunny looks very happy and cozy ;o) I bet there is never a boring time in your house! LOL! Hugs ;o)

    1. Stacy, not very many boring times I must say!! LOL!!!