Friday, July 4, 2014


Our little Kiki-girl has always been very difficult when it comes to allowing us to take a really good pic of her. She hates it so much that she makes sure to shut both her eyes just before the camera flash goes off on the digital camera (which, BTW, is rather slow and delayed to say the least)!

That being the case, the only way she lets us take her pic is if we do not use the flash at all. However, today while I was playing with her I caught her off guard ... a very rare occurance I might say ...

"Gimme that string!!!"

"You're gonna do what with that camera?"
Kiki kisses!


  1. She is gorgeous, that "Gimme that string" photo!!!


    BTW...I couldn't keep photos from disappearing on my old blog so I started a new one if you would like to visit...

  2. Kim, I love these photos!!! I am smiling big time ;o) So happy you were able to take them ;o) Gimme that string! LOL!
    Hugs ;o)