Saturday, October 18, 2014

"Ah, come on ... seriously mom?"

I just couldn't resist posting a couple of quick pics of Kiki and Tabitha donning their new Witch's Hat ...

"Okay, that's enough, ma!"

"I said, ENOUGH already ..."

"Thank goodness that's over with! Now we can get some well-earned rest. After all, mom made us late for our late afternoon nap!"



  1. Thank you my dear friend for the happy smiles you gave me today...I think Kiki and Tabitha look very witchy and adorable :)

    Lots of Hugs to All

  2. LOL! The pictures are so adorable ;o) The Witch's Hat is so cute on them ;o) That last picture with that quote is so funny! LOL! Big Hugs Kim ;o)

  3. I'm surprised the hats stayed on long enough to get a picture!