Saturday, October 6, 2012

Getting along ... sort of

Since Tabby's move from outdoor kitty to spoiled indoor feline, I must say that she is adjusting rather well! Midnight has accepted her (no real surprise there), Haley has gotten much, much better (she is a moody Calico anyway), and Kiki, well what can I say about Kiki? She is still trying to make her own pecking order adjustments ~ although Tabby has offered her no resistance at all to the contrary. Kiki just hasn't figured out quite yet that she is still "the boss" ... the "alpha cat" if you will?

In the meantime, Tabby is learning to enjoy the creature comforts of the house-cat life ...

Wishing everyone a purrfect weekend!!!


  1. What a wonderful life you have given Tabitha. She is beautiful sweetheart, love that tail! She looks well, content and very loved.

  2. well..she looks soooooooooo pleased!!!
    she is a beautiful cat!!!
    i love cats..have always had one,or two or three..and,at one time 12!!!!

  3. Tabby looks so happy and I am so happy for her ;o) Love the photos ;o) Big Hugs ;o)

  4. Thank you so much for visiting me, Kim! I missed the posting instructions the first time, and thought maybe you just didn't have comments enabled...LOVE your kitties!!

  5. They all look so comfortable...glad they are getting along (sort of) ...