Sunday, October 14, 2012

My little secret ...

You all know how very much I love cats! No big secret there, eh? But what you don't know and what I haven't told you until now, is that I have a slight allergy to them. Yes my friends, if I pet one of my kitties and then inadvertently rub or touch one of my eyes, they immediately get red, watery and itchy! If I get scratched by a cat, my skin puffs up like a balloon.

No matter though, it has never been bad ~ just minor and nothing to concern myself with. And most certainly no reason to stop living with cats!!!! I could never imagine my life without them ~ ever!

Wishing ALL a very Blessed Sunday!!!


  1. I can not believe this, Kim!! LOL! Bless your heart.
    My vet sneezed while examining the kittens; turns out he is allergic to cats, too!

  2. How you must really love these beautiful animals, Kim. I am so happy that even though you are alergic to them that it hasn't been very serious. I can't imagine you without your family~~~

    Blessings and Love My Friend,

  3. I know there are a lot of sprays that aren't harmful to kitties and really help with allergies. Check out holistic vet. sites. Those babies are blessed to have you as their mommy and I know you feel the same way towards them as well. Enjoy a blessed sweet sunday.

  4. My husband is allergic too! Buuut he loves cats soo much, so we have 3, and he's studying to be a veterinarian.

    What can I say? He adores animals, but cats (and birds) most of all. ^.^

  5. Kim, you remind me of me! I can't believe you are allergic! You are a sweety! Big Hugs and happy sunday ;o)

  6. Same here, Kim! I'm allergic to horses too. I take an allergy pill everyday. Couldn't live without them! (The pills or the animals!)